Peacock Blue in Dining Room!

I waited awhile before tackling the dining room. It had wallpaper that wasn't wanting to come off! I was able to peel off the top layer by hand but was left with the adhesive 2nd layer. I bought some WP chomp wallpaper stripper from Home Depot and a metal angled puddy knife and the wallpaper adhesive came right off. It was a laborous process but doable! Once I had cleaned up from that, it was time to choose a color. I would've preferred white trim but the trim is in such great condition I can't bring myself to touch it. I've been seeing a lot of dark blues as the go to colors for 2018. We had an issue in that our dining room is connected to main living room without a break, and I didn't want to paint the whole living room dark blue so we added trim to define the space and make a break in the wall. I chose Connor's Lakefront from Sherwin as my peacock blue and Dove White from Behr for base. I purchased curtain rods and 118 inch white Lenda curtains from IKEA. I found the wood beaded light online for a steal! Only issue is it doesn't put off a lot of light but does give dinner a romantic feel. Choosing this dark of paint was a leap for me, and I'm still not sure I love it. It is a very moody blue. I'm going to live with it awhile and paint the adjoining rooms before I decide. I'm digging it so far, and am glad the wallpaper is done!


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